Academic success with Infinity College

At Infinity College, we will help you to complete your secondary education with flying colours. We offer innovative, private teaching in a modern learning environment.

Our experienced teachers and coaches help our students to achieve success in secondary education. We combine a classical approach with an emphasis on individualized supervision and attention. We have over 70 years of experience.

Infinity College partners with the World School. The World School’s flexible teaching method, which has been applied successfully around the world, has now arrived in the Netherlands, with the experienced teachers and coaches who provide supervision at our school.

Infinity College has two schools: in Amsterdam en Rotterdam.

Foundation programme

The move from primary school to secondary education is a crucial time! We look carefully at the ambitions and capabilities of each student to decide on the teaching programme for the introductory year. Read more here

Advanced-level education

We all know the final destination: your final exams. We will help you to fulfil your maximum potential. Working at the pace and level that suit you, we will prepare you for the final exams to complete one of the three variants of secondary education in the Netherlands: MAVO, HAVO and VWO. Read more here

Exam preparation

Is your main goal to pass your final exams? Do you want to do this in your own way? We’ll be happy to help you to fast-track you through your exam year. You can also pass certificates or change your subject profile, for example. Read more here

Our vision

Education contributes to the wider personal development of every student, so we aim to facilitate that development as best as we can. We see our school as an environment where students have the opportunity to join in and get involved. Not only when it comes to lessons, but also engaging with their environment and developing friendships. In short, we help our students to learn to live, and not live to learn. Read more here

Your kind of teaching

Infintiy College Amsterdam

The Infinity College campus is located in Amsterdam, providing an inspiring, versatile learning environment in a green setting.

Infintiy College Rotterdam

The Infinity College Rotterdam is located at the Schiekade 830 in the City Centre of Rotterdam near te Central station.

Who is our school intended for?

Infinity College provides private, secondary education for students who need a more individualized approach. Whether it’s their first year or their final year, we will help them to graduate from MAVO, HAVO and VWO.

Individual teaching means learning at your own pace. Would you like to fast-track through your exam year? No problem. Maybe you want a full leaving certificate, or you just need to pass a few subjects by taking the state examinations? That’s possible. Would you like to know more about Infinity College? Click here.

Infinity College Diemen
Dalsteindreef 141
1112XJ Diemen

Infinity College Rotterdam
Schiekade 830
3032 AL Rotterdam

0320 -2299 26

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