Our vision

Education helps students to develop in a wider sense, so we aim to facilitate that development as best as we can. We see our school as an environment where students have the opportunity to join in and get involved. Not only when it comes to lessons, but also engaging with their environment and developing friendships. In short, we help our students to learn to live, and not live to learn.

Focusing on individual needs

Today’s rapidly changing society means that all of us need to continue learning. Many refer to this as life-long learning. But what’s the best way to achieve this? We focus not only on the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but also on creating as many opportunities for learning as possible. And of course, our central focus is the particular needs and most appropriate pace for each student.

The teaching provided is based around the individual student. This applies to the range of subjects provided, which teachers are used, additional support and cross-subject activities. Everything that the student needs to reach the desired level of development is available at one location.

Which developments are we working on? Today’s society requires us to have the capacity for life-long learning, creative thinking and problem solving. So this is reflected in what we teach and how we help you to develop.

A versatile approach

For us, versatility means providing variation between teacher-student contact, an individually tailored programme, sports and cultural activities. We believe that variation can be ensured simply by allowing coaches and students to take the lead and enabling them to support one another. We achieve this by providing an inspiring and versatile learning environment with the right staff, and by using educational concepts with proven results.

Proven success

Infinity College uses the proven teaching method of The World School. This has been successfully used in teaching around the world since 1948. It involves distance supervision by subject teachers and coaching from parents abroad. The great benefit of World School teaching is its flexibility. It enables teaching to be based around the individual pupil. Whatever the student needs, we provide! You can learn at your own pace and at a level that suits you.

In the Netherlands, the role of the parent is played by a professional coach who provides daily supervision at school to ensure that you achieve your goals. In addition, your ‘distance’ teacher is now right there beside you. As well as distance supervision, you also receive class-based teaching from your subject teachers at school. These additions to this successful teaching method make for an ideal learning environment.

In collaboration with the World School, Infinity College will help you to graduate from secondary education with flying colours.

A stable environment

An important prerequisite for flexible education is a stable environment, when it comes to times and location. Our school is easy to get to and equipped with all the facilities you will need. Lesson times are 9:00 to 17:00, every day.

Coaches and subject teachers

As well as teachers for individual subjects, coaches and mentors are always involved too. This ensures that the contact between all those involved continues to match the student’s needs. Specifically, this means that students who need more face-to-face teaching in a particular subject are able to get this. A student who needs more attention in one area may also need to spend less time in another subject. This method means that we can use the student’s time more effectively and focus on knowledge transfer where it is needed.

Class sizes

At times, we work with very small classes (6-8 students) to provide intensive, face-to-face teaching from subject teachers. At other times, we will enable you and the teachers to follow your programme in a larger group. Help is never far away, but it is only there when you need it.


Your application is the first step on our journey together – the final destination: achieving your potential. A list of previous grades achieved or CITO score is not essential. However, we would like to know what your ambitions are and how we can help you to achieve them. The face-to-face meeting between the student, parents, school leader and coach is therefore crucial when applying. Read more here

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