Introductory meetings

Choosing the right school is very important. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you and your parents. At the meeting, we can answer all your questions and tell you more about Infinity College. The road to your diploma starts here!

Intake interview

The most important part of your application is the interview. We attach great value to this because it is a chance to find out about what is important to you. Together with your parents, you will talk with the school leader and the coach who will be involved in designing your development plan.

We are more interested in your future than in the past. However, it may be a good idea to bring any certificates and diplomas with you to the intake interview. Are you proud of the CITO score that you achieved a few years ago? Then please bring this with you. It’s not essential, but it could be helpful. The same applies to other information available from previous educational institutions. And if you have nothing to bring with you, no problem. Our educational experts are well placed to carry out any tests that you may need.

Flexible start date

You can join us at any time during the school year. However, we recommend starting at the beginning of the school year if you want to progress at a regular pace. This will also help you to make friends with your classmates, who will all be at the same stage.

For exam students, there are fixed enrolment dates, because preparing for exams involves a minimum number of months. Students who join us after November cannot complete a full diploma in the same school year. Certificates for specific subjects are possible, provided DUO is notified before the end of December.